Single Ingredient

Nothing added. EVER. The best kind of treat possible


Reduce the waste

Single ingredient treats help the butcher shop waste and makes sure the entire animal is used.

Ontario sourced. Always.

We strive for as local as possible but everything is always sourced from Ontario.


    Key Benefits of Mutts About You

    Decrease animal waste

    Many parts of every animal get wasted since they aren't ideal for human consumption, this is where Mutts About You comes in. We buy a bunch of things that would end up wasted, dehydrated it and make perfect pet treats! This also helps ensure the animal wasn't killed only to be half wasted.

    Locally sourced

    All of our products are Ontario sourced. We strive for as local as possible as well as making sure the animals were humanly raised.

    Allergy friendly

    Single ingredient treats make picking proteins super easy. We offer a huge vareity of proteins including frog legs!

    Picky pet approved

    Having a picky pet isn't fun when you want to spoil them with treats. We have been showered with messages from picky pet owners sharing how much their pet loves our treats!